Westworld: Season 3

Before you ask, yes. They decided to ditch the whole time jump thing that was clever in the first season but grating in the second. Instead, they elected to jump to season four rather than season three.

The addition of Aaron Paul as a character is a welcome one, but Westworld’s jump to regular world leaves a little to be desired. The futurist existence they’ve come up with is very interesting no doubt about it. But instead of exploring Evan Rachel Wood’s hatred of humanity and maybe have her grow a bit to like humans, they skipped to who would have been the season four baddie: an all-encompassing AI that treats regular humans exactly like they were the robots from Westworld.

This whole time we thought the company that created Westworld was the most powerful in the land but it turns out there was one even MORE powerful the whole time! Pulling the strings! Get it? We were all robots doing our bidding the whole time. Makes for a fun novel but not the most compelling tv show.

I will continue to watch because I support high budget sci-fi.


2.5 out of 4 stars

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