Altered Carbon: Season 2

I have a sickness. And it’s supporting high budget sci-fi shows no matter what. I love sci-fi a bunch and so I feel like I need to watch all of them, just to show my love and convince corporate media to make more.

But why, when I give it nothing but love, does it hurt me so?

Altered Carbon has such a great premise. If your consciousness can be downloaded into a little disc, it doesn’t really matter what body you have, you can be anyone. This allows the show to cast a new main actor for the main character every season. And I love me some Anthony Mackie.

Season 2 introduces some new, awesome world building plots. Like actual aliens, i.e. the ones that allowed humanity to develop the mind “stacks” technology. Cool. Shit. Throw in some stylish action kills, and I could be sold.

But the focus of season 2 is STILL my least favorite part of season 1. Takeshi’s old love interest who decides to not be dead and ends the season still not dead. Which means next season is going to be MORE of their stupid love games that no one cares about.

The next season better be a literal war with some aliens or something or I’ll scream.

2 out of 4 stars.

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