The marketing for this movie fooled me. I could’ve sworn that Joe Russo (Avengers) directed a violent, Hemsworth led action film. He did not, he wrote it and produced it. Which is very much not the same thing.

While I applaud American action films that spend a lot more time actually choreographing fight scenes rather than dimming the lighting and using shaky cam – Extraction is a two hour slog of whiny machoism that is neither compelling nor fun enough to be worth watching again. Expendables knows its dumb.

Hemsworth plays an ex-soldier who now does high level mercenary work and he’s hired to extract (cue Leo meme) the kidnapped son of a drug lord in Bangladesh. I applaud the use of a unique locale but I’m almost positive they wrote this movie with a different location in mind.

Of course, Hemsworth has a dumb backstory told through hazy dream flashbacks which is about as cliche as it gets at this point. At least John Wick had a dead dog setup.

There’s some decent action, but I personally hate it when the hero switches to his pistol when he has a perfectly good assault rifle. The logic in this film is all over the place. But good camera work, some decent shots, and they earn that R-rating.

2 out of 4 stars

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