Detective Pikachu

If you didn’t cry during The Pokemon movie back in the 90s, you either didn’t have a soul or you weren’t ten, watching a film based on your absolute favorite gameboy game.

So despite my relative disinterest in anything Pokemon since Pokemon Red and perhaps Snapshot, I had to see a movie starring freaking Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu in an adorable version of Deadpool.

And guess what? It’s a kids movie. Dialogue can be clunky, character trains are pretty loosely defined, and spots where someone should say shit or perhaps, die, don’t happen.

But I can see myself as a kid loving this movie. Detailed animation, action adventure, and a Pokemon cage fight. Tough to beat. If there’s a Pokemon fan in your life, I can bet they’d be into this film. Maybe a little too much.

3 out of 4 stars

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