Standing Up, Falling Down

I got to see this movie in a film festival in the fall and it was by far my favorite movie. (Including my own Mass Hysteria that showed at the same fest).

Standing Up, Falling Down is a great example of good writing trumping good funding. Billy Crystal shines in the way Billy Crystal always has. Sharp, quick, Gary Shandling-esque humor pairs perfectly with millennial version of Billy Crystal, Ben Schwartz.

Schwartz plays a failed stand up comic, out of money and headed home to his disappointed father and doting mother, feeling like a failure. Crystal is the hometown dermatologist trying to come to grips with the choices he’s made at the tail end of his life.

A surprising dose of drama makes the impact of this standard “I’m not happy with my life” comedy a little longer lasting. I couldn’t stop laughing and I had a hard time not crying. Definitely go see this film.

4 out of 4 stars

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