Ready or Not

By all accounts, Ready or Not is not a movie for me. Horror easily scares me and the trailers did not adequately prepare me for how amusing this film is. But I can tell you, without a doubt, that if Shaun of the Dead is one of your faves, Ready or Not will be an enjoyable romp through arterial spray.

First you have to accept the premise. A rich board game family is only rich and successful because their ancestor accepted a game from a mysterious man. Any new members of the family need to play this game on their wedding night. It could be any dumb game: go fish, old maid – but if the game tells them you have to play hide and seek, the real game is ritual murder.

And the latest family member to get married really does not want his new bride to get hunted down and murdered by his relatives. Because if they don’t kill her, the curse says they will all die.

A great combo of slapstick, gross out kills, and tense scenery, Ready or Not lives and dies on lead Samara Weaving’s back. Instantly likable her horror screams and “What the fuck’s?” are incredibly realistic. Her John Mcclane-esque ability to willpower herself through situations is admirable and even if the film didn’t want you to root for her, you would anyways.

Solid even through the ending twist, where horror movies tend to miss the landing, Ready or Not doesn’t overstay its welcome.

3 1/2 out of 4 stars

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