Instant Family

If there was an oscar for the most crowd-pleasing movie, Instant Family would be in the running. Smart, funny, might make you cry, but you’ll turn off the TV feeling good. Maybe not good enough to go foster some kids of your own, but good.

The movie is about a couple that decides to adopt kids instead of having them. Then after trying to adopt just one child, they discover that families don’t get broken up, and they get three kids now to take care of. Misunderstandings and years of needed therapy sessions ensue.

I feel good just thinking about this movie. It’s so well-made. Just extremely competent. Tight script, good performances, no fancy shots to make you think this is an arthouse movie, but with enough bite so you don’t think you wasted your time.

It’s nice to see Mark Wahlberg in a family movie instead of scowling behind a gun. His comedic chops are well-known but I don’t think they get shown often enough.

Watch this one with the whole family.

3 1/2 out of 4 stars

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