Frozen II

Hooowee! Long time no post. But with the corona situation coming on I may have time to post even more if I get locked into my house. Where I will hopefully watch better movies than Frozen 2.

Frozen is a weird word. Look at it long enough and it seems like nonsense. That’s this movie. Thin plot excuses, thin characters, and no iconic song worth remembering. Long ago, a magical realm to the north fell under a great spell, trapping the human inhabitants in a hostile world. No one can get in or out, until Else can of course, led by the calls of some vague elemental spirits.

It certainly adds to the lore of the Frozen world. But any sense of wonder has largely disappeared from this slapdash movie. I think the logline was good, the execution (besides the animation) was not. Why does everyone need a song? Even if it’s a bad song? This film is almost two hours long. But god it feels longer.

Kids will probably like it. Considering it made over a billion box office. Which means there will be a Frozen 3 that will also be boring.

Also, Olaf gets even more annoying.

2 out of 4 stars.

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