Bojack Horseman: Season 7

It’s pretty amazing that the perfect example of millenial/generation x depression and anxiety comes from a show featuring a talking horse-man.

But that’s the streaming world for ya. The left field swings come out as the most creative, thoughtful, funniest, heartbreaking examinations of society.

Even though Season 7 thoroughly pissed me off by splitting the season in half, the finale of my favorite cartoon ever is the satisfying conclusion I needed. After last season’s depressfest that had me wondering if I could put up with a main character’s horrible decisions any longer, we finally get the long redemption arc.

Not everything gets wrapped up cleanly. In fact, now that I’m examining it, where the hell did Hollyhock go? Did she abandon Bojack? It’s possible and understandable.

As with each season before it, Bojack provides the wittiest banter and the most clever puns ever put to screen. Plus a huge helping of visual comedy that rewards new viewers and old viewers alike. Of particular note is the episode where an entire house of partygoers try their best to not be seen by two characters. An old sitcom classic made even better.

Bojack always hit you with the emotional stuff and season 7 is no different. It pulls no punches, allowing you to feel sympathy and anger towards everyone’s favorite horse dad. Unfortunately, they seem to have completed most of Todd’s journey and largely ignored him this season. But it did result in some great Diane focused episodes.

It’s a long drive back to the first episode where Bojack makes a vodka/pills carrot smoothie, when the writers clearly didn’t know they wanted Bojack to develop a pill problem later. It could have been a show that was mostly hilarious and sometimes went deep. Instead they invented almost a whole new genre, a show that is hilarious, and cuts you to your core. And I think we will remember it much longer for having done so.

4 out of 4 stars

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