Jumanji: The Next Level

Welcome to the Jungle was an incredible achievement. A not just watchable, but hilarious film that carefully balanced action, humor, and heartfelt drama. And it did so in the shadow of the amazing original Jumanji starring none other than the late Robin Williams.

So I guess expectations were high for the third one. Anddddd…they did it?

I’m not sure. I enjoyed The Next Level. They took the original concept and twisted it a little to make it fresh, having professional old people Danny Devito and Danny Glover inhabiting the bodies of the Rock and Kevin Hart. The Rock does his best but when Awkwafina takes over, the impression really shines.

The stakes just seem really low now. And that’s fine. Because ultimately, this is a kid’s movie. And the kids in my movie theater seemed to love it. And that’s what really matters. They didn’t ruin the good name of Robin Williams with halfhearted sequels. And maybe that’s all we can hope for.

2.5 out of 4 stars

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