The Passage

Did you like The Stand by Stephen King? Yes – read this book. No – read this book and then go read The Stand. Also, you should probably develop a little taste for horror along the way.

The Passage isn’t exactly a unique novel. It pulls in a lot of tropes that other novels have already done, but it does them extremely well with fantastic prose and almost too much character development. The government has done what it always does – something illegal. They discovered a virus deep in the Amazon that turns people into vampires. Not the dracula kind, the big fast moving horror monster kind. And in an effort to isolate the gene sequence that cures all known diseases, they purposely infect death row inmates. Who then turn into vampires. Thankfully they succeeded on the last try with a little girl right before the vampires broke out and killed the world.

Now, almost one hundred years later, the survivors have found that little girl, and perhaps there’s hope to restore the planet.

Action packed, full of unique characters, and pulls the bait and switch on who exactly the main character is, The Passage is a YA novel upgraded into adult territory. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and I will be reading the sequels. One major thing threw me though, why is Amy (the little girl) special? She was clearly special before the operation. The novel wants fate and destiny to play a big role instead of science run amok. Which is where the big The Stand comparisons come in.

3.5 out of 4 stars

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