Jojo Rabbit

It is very easy to claim Jojo Rabbit as my favorite film of 2019. I doubt any other movie will take it’s place in my mind (Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers is welcome to try). Rabbit is creative, frequently hilarious, and moving in entirely unexpected ways.

Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis in his very first role) is a good little Nazi. He loves the fatherland, he loves fascism, and he hates Jews. He’s a blind fanatic. And his imaginary friend is literally Adolf Hitler (director Taika Waititi). But when he discovers that his mom is hiding a Jewish girl in the attic, his whole understanding of the world gets flipped upside down.

If you’ve watched a Taika Waititi movie before, you know that his movies are stupendously funny. And right at the best moment, they punch you in the gut. Remember this movie is about how ridiculous the Nazi’s were, and how ridiculous blind hate is. But as ridiculous as they were, they did many horrible, awful things. Thankfully, Jojo Rabbit does not lose sight of that within its silliness.

Just go see it. Just do it. Support great films like this. Also, Scarlet Johansson continues to prove that she is the best working actress of her generation.

4 out of 4 stars.

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