Kifaru is Swahili for Rhino. And there’s only one male Northern White Rhino left on the planet. His name is Sudan. And as we all will when we get old, Sudan is dying.

His dying is natural. The way of the world. But his species’ extinction is not. Rhino horns are coveted by Asian collectors for their wealth and healing powers. Desperate Africans know that a single Rhino horn can feed their families for a year. A brutal cycle of poverty and death.

Kifaru is not exactly about that cycle. In fact, it’s barely about Sudan himself. It’s about the men and women who are his caretakers. Their livelihood completely dependent on Sudan himself. It’s about who we want to be as stewards of the Earth. And what we will leave behind for our children. Will we continue to make the same mistakes as our parents? Or teach our descendants to make better decisions than us.

Kifaru is heartbreaking. Hopeful heartbreak, because the film doesn’t want you to leave extra sad, but it doesn’t pull any punches. I’ll tell you ahead of time that Sudan dies and it is hard to watch. Hard to watch him die, hard to watch the men who loved him watch him die. You will shed tears. And that’s the point. We should all be sad by what’s happening to Mother Earth.

4 out of 4 stars

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