The Evolutionary Void

Readers beware. This is SCIENCE fiction. In a universe with at least two large books you need to read first to even come close to understanding what the hell is going on.

It feels weird to boil down an almost 1,000 page book into what will probably be a three hundred word essay. But I feel like the more you explain a complicated book, the less enjoyable it is. And Void was unenjoyable for me, at first. I took a long time to dive in, much longer than the original Commonwealth books. But as always, Hamilton’s way with words, and absolute mastery over theoretical science, drew me right back at the last possible moment.

Earth exists, but humanity is among the stars. But more and more of humanity is downloading itself into ANA, a bodyless AI, with the ultimate goal of becoming gods/ethereal, like some other alien races have. But how to do that? Some factions think that our natural evolution will get us there. Others think we should follow the religious zealots into “the void.” A Mysterious entity in space, feared by the alien Raiel, because it literally consumed whole galaxys.

Intergalactic intrigue, assassinations, planet busting tech, and brief Young Adult esque interludes make for a fun novel and the start of a new trilogy. At this point, Hamilton could probably write anything about this universe and I’d be in because I’ve invested so much at this point.

3 out of 4 stars

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