The Boys: Season One

What a ride. What a freaking rush. I thought this show was just going to be another overly violent tool-filled excuse to gore it up and make sex jokes. But The Boys hits fast and it hits hard. This is the best comic book show on TV right now. Possibly forever.

Imagine a world where actual capitalism and the justice league exists. The Seven are Earth’s mightiest heroes. And they make movies and sell plush dolls and are basically servants of a corporation. The U.S. Government isn’t in line yet, but they will be. Hughie is a big fan, until A-Train runs so fast through his girlfriend she explodes. Now, he’s dragged into an underworld of scrappy resistance terrorists. Their goal? Kill the supers.

The Boys is sci-fi social commentary at it’s finest. Capitalism, the military industrial complex, celebrity, foreign intervention – it’s all there. Clearly written by kids who grew up through the War on Terror. There’s even a great evisceration of evangelical culture. It’s all very prescient and “what if.”

But that’s not why the show is great. The show is great because in a world with people who can shoot lasers out of their eyes, The Boys never loses sight of it’s biggest theme: how trauma effects our decision making. What early events in our lives shape the way we act? How we treat others or think about ourselves? Everyone, and I mean everyone, gets a dose of quick, effective character development. Even the big baddies. Homelander, the superman stand-in, is a real douche. But you understand him in a way it’s hard to understand Lex Luthor.

Plus there’s the great action, sex jokes, and gore. It really is amazing, with smarmy dialogue, fantastic speeches, and just enough tongue in cheek to take away from the dourness of some of the events. Adaptation at its best.

4 out of 4 stars



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