If you’re not a nerd, Red Shirts refers to an old Star Trek trope. Every character wore a different color shirt to signify their rank and/or station. When they went on away missions Captain Kirk and crew would always bring some red shirts along with them. Soldiers meant to die to heighten the drama. It was so common they even made fun of it in the Chris Pine reboot.

So it’s easy to guess what this book is about. It’s about those red shirts. Not specifically the Star Trek red shirts, but close enough. They discover that their lives have been hijacked and if they don’t break the narrative they will end up like every other red shirt: dead.

Basically a book making fun of the genre in a tongue in cheek fashion. There’s all sorts of ridiculous things that happen because hey that’s how TV works. Ultimately, the book is probably most enjoyable for Trekkies. I enjoyed it in a slightly bemused way, but there’s little beyond that. Also, there’s a meta kind of writer within the writer epilogue that I refused to read after the plot was finished.

2 out of 4 stars

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