The Last Colony

I am flying through this series. But I’m about to be held up because my local library doesn’t carry the next book sadly.

The Last Colony continues John Perry’s story from Old Man’s War. He’s living happily on a new planet with his wife and daughter when the fight intrudes on them again. The Colonial Union wants him to lead a brand new colony, one filled not with Earthlings, but with representatives of all major human colonies. It will take incredible leadership to navigate the nationalism between the disparate groups, but John is confident. That is until the Colonial Union dumps them on a strange planet with no comms because they are hiding them from an alien consort known as the Conclave.

Colony tries to look inward, it really does. I love the exploration of a Space UN and humanity’s struggle to NOT be a part of it. Sounds a lot like America right now. But Perry’s goodie-two-shoes everything goes right in the end kind of mindset seems to undermine the overall story. Never before have I felt there was plot armor in this series. Now, it’s everywhere. It allows John to make decisions most reasonable people wouldn’t. And it always ends up working in the end. He makes zero mistakes, only misinformed calculations that end up working. It’s a tad more boring than the introspective first novel.

Also, there’s a subplot about some native “werewolves” on the planet that appears and disappears as quickly as the monsters do. They don’t even ‘solve’ the problem. One day colonists are dying, the next – it’s like they forgot the natives want to eat them.

Otherwise, a solid, simple sci-fi. Not the best, not the worst, but I’m hoping the series stops its decline in readability.

2.5 out of 4 stars

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