The Ghost Brigades

The sequel to Scalzi’s amazing Old Man’s War is an easy read. A little episode in the universe he’s created that explores some more of the outlandish scenarios technology has done to humanity. Without being too… what’s the phrase… high literature?

Charles Boutin is a traitor. And he’s shacked up with the Alien race the Obin. And they are planning on destroying mankind, a certainly troublesome race in the universe. Honestly, you can’t blame how much other races hate humans. But Boutin left one thing behind in his flight: his consciousness. To find out where he might be heading, the powers that be imprint that consciousness onto one of their special forces soldiers; vat grown clones with heightened abilities. Maybe they’re creating a gateway into a traitor’s mind, or maybe they’re creating a second traitor. One with superhuman powers.

The Ghost Brigades is notable in only that it humanizes the titular special forces, who are pretty much robots in the first novel. Other than that, it’s just some fun world building. I flew through the book and put it down just as easily as I picked it up. I’m sure you will too.

3 out of 4 stars

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