Spider-man: Far From Home

The first Marvel movie without Iron Man as an ever presence. What do they do to cover that? Why, by constantly referencing him, of course.

Far From Home, like Homecoming, is a solid Spider-man movie. Casually referencing but otherwise completely blowing past “The Blip” (You know, the people who didn’t age five years but came back after the world had aged five years and how that might affect simple things like tourism) Far From Home follows Peter Parker as he goes on a summer school trip through Europe. Thankfully, all his friends and MJ blipped out and didn’t age five years either.

But there’s a timely coincidence. Elementals, big baddies from another universe, are wrecking major European cities. The ones Peter is vacationing in. But he’s not the only one fighting them. Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhall) is here to save the day.

Annnnd if you know anything about the comics you know that Mysterio is a bad guy. Again, Spider-man has cast an amazing actor to elevate a two-bit villain. Which in turn elevates a sweet, funny story about growing up, and accepting responsibility whilst balancing your personal life.

It’s also a crazy indictment of Tony Stark who creates yet another evil supervillain just by existing and gives a teenager the ability to summon hundred of drone murderbots from the sky. It’s like Tony is a one man Hydra. Did he not see Winter Soldier? Everyone always references what a great guy he is but the Avengers are almost always cleaning up his mistakes.

Regardless, the film is fun and not just a case of superhero fighting supervillain with similar powers. I think they treated Mysterio with the right balance of ridiculousness while remaining true to his character, and did a great job of fitting him into the universe. Also, that end credits scene. WOO! What a casting. Can’t believe they swung that.

Still, I can’t help but wonder if Spider-Man would be better off outside the MCU. Just not in Sony’s hands alone. They can’t be trusted.

3 out of 4 stars

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