Old Man’s War

You can always trust your friend’s to give you good book recommendations. I actually paused another book to read this in less than two days.

Earth is a backwater planet. Little more than a staging ground. We know that aliens and the universe is out there, and that our Colonial Union is colonizing the stars and defending us. But they don’t let Earth in on the secrets, the technology. Until you age, that is. At 75, you can join the army again. They’ll give you a new body, as long as you fight the forces of the universe for ten years. Seems like a good trade-off when you’re an old person.

John Perry, his wife long dead, decides to take that bet. He’s going to die anyway. If he makes it through his terms of service, he’ll get a plot of land on a new colony with another life to live. If he dies fighting aliens, well, at least he was defending humanity.

In the tradition of The Forever War and Starship TroopersOld Man’s War is more than just a sci-fi war story. It’s an exploration of what it means to be human. Especially in the face of conflicts we can’t even conceive of. Are you still human if you’ve transferred bodies? Are you still human if you kill and kill and kill intelligent aliens?

Great storytelling, with an emotional twist, Old Man’s War is fantastic sci-fi. The dialogue is smart, the characters well-balanced, and the action strong. Easy recommendation, easy read.

4 out of 4 stars.

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