Narcos Mexico: Season 1

Furthering the argument that Michael Pena is vastly underrated and the best actor of all time, Narcos takes a big left turn considering how the original program ended – with Pedro Pascal’s character looking at Mexico from the Texas border.

Well, Pedro Pascal is nowhere to be seen in Narcos Mexico, proving the old CSI formula that it isn’t the actors that make the show watchable. It’s the crime, baby.

Narcos Mexico, quite clearly, takes place in Mexico. And it turns back the clock to the Escobar era. Except the big boss is Miguel Gallardo this time around. Or he will be, as soon as he establishes a stranglehold on the marijuana industry with his unique strains and progressive ideas on distribution. And it doesn’t hurt that Mexico’s government is incredibly corrupt, especially if it makes money off gringos. But of course, the Americans want to shut it all down.

Did you like Narcos? Then you will enjoy this new series. Same schtick, different location. Bad guys are trying to run a business – killing folks, selling drugs, making shady deals – and the good guys are trying to stop them. Standout performances from Diego Luna as Gallardo and Michael Pena as Kiki. (You may remember Luna from Rogue One.) As always, I am incredibly impressed at Narcos commitment to the Spanish language. For a show aimed at America, it’s a welcome sight. And it gets my daily dose of reading in too.

Sometimes the show feels a little too long. But the gravitas with which they treat the events continues to impress. If you love crime dramas, consider watching this one. And you don’t need to watch the original series to enjoy either.

3.5 out of 4 stars

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