Hold The Dark

Did anyone see Wind River? Because Hold The Dark is just Wind River. Except, you know, worse.

Set in a remote Alaskan town, author Russel Core has been summoned to the town by a grieving mother, Medora Slone. Core is an expert on wolves and her young son was just taken by them. The third child that year to be taken by wolves. Undeterred by the fact that if three (!) American children had been killed by wolves the entirety of the state police would have murdered all the wolves in the surrounding area (wild wolf attacks are exceedingly rare) Medora asks Core if he will hunt the wolf that killed her son. Her reasoning, that she will need some sort of body to show her husband when he gets back from war.

What Core really finds is the darkness of the human soul.

A viewer might get the impression that there is a supernatural element at work here. Which is punctuated by the extreme environment and conditions. But really it’s just that some people are fucked up and trying to understand them, like trying to understand the meaning behind this movie, is pointless.

There is a very intense shootout sequence (a la Wind River, again) and some pretty creepy shots. But overall the narrative follows an odd trail. As a viewer you start wondering why you opted to take this journey. Or why anyone is making the decisions they do.

So again, if you want to see a messed up look at human behavior, punctuated by tribal-police interactions, and extreme violence – pick up Wind River and skip this one.

1.5 out of 4 stars


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