Westworld: Season 2

I’m very late to the game on this one because I had HBO, watched half the season, lost HBO, waited a year for GOT to premiere again, and then purchased HBO to finally finish Westworld.

I loved the first season. I really did. The combination of great storytelling, a little mystery thrown in, and some fun gun play was a perfect combination. I never knew what was going to happen next and that little time twist they pulled on me was glorious.

My enjoyment of season 2 was definitely marred by waiting a year halfway through it but I still enjoyed it. They’ve grown the world in a significant way. I like that the technology was not just created in order to have a fun theme park but has a logical real world secret application. And the moral questions still abound in unique and interesting ways.

But season 2 is actually marred, not by my viewing choices, but by the producers choice to do a little time experiment again. Except this time it was obvious that they were doing it, by playing with Jeffrey Wright’s memory loss. I understand they didn’t want to reveal the twist, but it led to an experience more jarring than enjoyable. I could hardly tell whether or I was in the future or the past. And the twist that it led up to would have been perfectly enjoyable if the story had been told in a linear fashion. It felt gimmicky. Especially after the first season actually did it well.

Overall, still a good watch. I love seeing good Sci-fi on tv so I will be tuning in to the third season. Not sure what direction it’s going to go but here’s hoping there are no time jumps.

3 out of 4 stars

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