Schitt’s Creek

If you’re not watching Schitt’s Creek, you’re wrong. Because this is the funniest fucking show I’ve seen in a long time.

Sort of a down-homey Arrested Development (early seasons) Schitt’s Creek begins very much the same. With a bankruptcy and crash of a once powerful family. The Rose’s, once millionaires, have been bilked out of all of their money by a business partner. All the federal government is leaving them are some clothes and a podunk little town that Johnny (Eugene Levy) bought for his son as a joke. Now, they must live in that town’s motel while trying to rebuild their lives.

Creek doesn’t survive on it’s writing, which is fantastic. It doesn’t survive on the overall story, which is very solid. Schitt’s Creek survives on its tight knit, laser focus on character. Supreme standout awards go to Catherine O’Hara and Daniel Levy. O’Hara is a fucking comedy powerhouse, spouting off rich person prattle even better than Jessica Walter, with an accent that can only be described as British New Yorker? It’s gut-bustingly hilarious how little she has to say to get me rolling on the floor. Daniel Levy, as the pansexual son, almost gets as many laughs – with his one quips and clearly disgusted attitude towards everything around him.

Eugene Levy and Annie Murphy also do a great job, but it’s more like they do a great job in the ensemble. Each family member has a different relationship with each family member and it’s fascinating to watch the change in alliances when they bounce off each other. Truly a comedic delight. And the show does an amazing job of keeping them likable and (semi) relatable.

Seriously, watch this show. At least for Catherine O’Hara. She should have all the comedy emmy nominations.

4 out of 4 stars

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