Archer: Danger Island

After the disappointing Dreamland, I was not excited for another season of Archer: Not Actually Archer. The showrunners have decided that since the character is in a coma, they can just make seasons in crazy locales and time periods for the hell of it. So far, all of their “themed” seasons have been bad. Well, until now.

On a remote Polynesian island in the Pacific, Archer runs Archer airways with his partner, a slimmed down but also beefed up Pam. But this is no ordinary island, it has cannibals, komodo dragons, quicksand, and most importantly, a hidden native treasure. That the Nazi’s want really badly.

At only 8 episodes, Danger Island is tight. Which is good compared to the bloated feeling Dreamland. But in their insistence on using every character from the original cast, the show still feels like there are too many cooks on screen at once. The odd man out this time is clearly Cheryl, who seems to just be crazy for crazy’s sake more and more. The best change by far was making Krieger into a talking parrot. Now that provided many, many laughs for me. Plus, there are way more quotable lines. The show has returned to a middling-level season. Long time fans will be appeased but I don’t see any new fans jumping on board. And, sadly, they’ve decided to keep the themed seasons going for next season as well, but this time, in spaaaaaace.

When are shows going to understand that I don’t really care what happens to these characters if it isn’t actually happening to them? Archer’s growth of maturity in the main seasons made this funny comedy way more heartfelt. A show with something to say. Let’s get back to that.

2.5 out of 4 stars

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