Triple Frontier

Props to Netflix for securing another movie I’d want to see but not want to go to the theaters to see. AKA I already pay 10.99 a month so I feel like this is my just reward: solid, entertaining movies that we will forget about very quickly.

Triple Frontier, besides having an awful name, is basically Narcos: The Movie. Since the character names mattered very little to me, I’m going to stick with the actors names. Oscar Isaac is “advising” a Latin American police force while they attempt to take down a notorious drug lord. Through an informant, he discovers the drug lord’s hideout: a secluded mansion across the Brazilian border where there is millions of dollars just waiting to be stolen and a bad guy begging to be killed. He heads back to America to try and convince his old Special Ops team to do some extra-judicial work. They busted so many guys and didn’t steal money, why don’t they kill a bad guy and take some money off him, with nobody the wiser?

Triple Frontier is so close. SO CLOSE to being amazing. Like, talked about for years good. Because at first, it’s pretty professionally made. Great action, great shots, good editing, solid actors. The military bro-off gets old fast but that’s just a cliche of the genre. And it looks like the film is going the direction I wanted it to, because they finish the heist with over an hour of movie left.

Here’s what would have made Triple Frontier good: If they went full Heart of Darkness after the heist. There’s brief hints of it. The idea of more money starts to corrupt morals. The extreme situation of their escape leads to innocent civilian deaths. Strife begins to build in the group. I was so ready for a Lord of the Flies ending. Committing evil acts leads one to evil, even if they are originally good. Triple Frontier could have leaned into this hard. Former friends becoming enemies, a harsh landscape, and strong personalities. But sadly, they don’t. While the movie does kill off one main character, by the time it happens, you’re pretty positive it’s just a matter of time before they all escape. All that’s left are the minutes left on the run time.

So. Close. It would have been amazing. Instead, we are left with a decently entertaining military thriller with some top name actors. Could have been worse.

3 out of 4 stars

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