Crooked Kingdom

Seriously, go read Six of Crows first. You won’t be sorry.

These two books are so much fun to read that I’m actually excited for the most likely shitty adaptation Netflix is pushing through. There’s enough great world building here that we may get a Harry Potter-esque adaptation instead of a Divergent adaptation. That confident.

Kaz Brekker doesn’t have much time. Van Eck has Inej locked up, presumably being tortured. Every other nation in the world has shown up at Ketterdam’s docks looking for Kuwei and his secret formula. And every other gang in the barrel is out for blood. But Brekker is on home turf this time around and his crew wants to end up alive at the end of all of this. He just has to come up with the perfect plan. Or two. Or three…

I love a good scheme. Who doesn’t? The heist quality of the first book is back in full force. Without any of the taking time to journey to and from foreign countries. The action is localized, and there is so much of it. I’m pretty sure the plot of the book takes place over like ten days, which means the sheer amount of things that happen is incredible. Break-ins, break-outs, near-misses, plot twists – Bardugo threatens to drown you in them. In a good way. Like drowning in puppies.

The character interactions are upped to 11. Romance, backstory, it all crackles with a raging intensity. It’s honestly like reading puberty. I love all these characters and the dynamics that have developed between them. The world itself grows a little bit too, with the discovery of new powers, new technology. This feels like a living breathing society that changes over time – a sure sign of a great series.

To top it off, Crooked Kingdom isn’t content to sit back and let you enjoy your young adult novel in peace. It’s going to tear your heart out and stomp on it, adding more and more to my argument that this series should have been written as just straight fantasy.

Do yourself a favor already and get these books.

4 out of 4 stars

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