Captain Marvel

You know there’s a problem when the DC universe beats Marvel to a female led superhero movie. Like really, guys? You establish the most prolific movie universe in history and it takes you until 2019? And based on my experience with Captain Marvel they didn’t want to put much work into it either.

Unlike Ant-Man and the Wasp which was designed as a solo hero movie, Captain Marvel is all prequel baby. And it leans in hard. Vers (Larson) is a Kree soldier, given extraordinary photon fist powers by an AI known as the Supreme Intelligence. Her mission is to destroy the Skrull, a shapeshifting alien race. The Skrull want something inside her memories that leads them to Earth and a potential super weapon. She must follow them to the nearest blockbuster and defeat them with quips. But alliances aren’t as dandy as they seem on the surface.

Firstly, this is basically a Star Wars movie at this point with all the laser guns and none of the fun from the Guardians universe. Secondly, this is the 21st (!!!) film in the MCU. And it is edited like a hot pile of garbage. The editor must have required a minimum of 20 cuts for each punch. I am so sick of big budget blockbusters with the funding of these movies to be edited like a Michael Bay flick. Hire a fight coordinator maybe? A film is no fun if I don’t understand what is going on.

It all leads to a film that is the equivalent of a shoulder shrug after you tell someone you love them. Brie Larson, for all her talent, can’t seem to pick a character. Is she the quippy fun one a la Chris Pratt? Or is she the stoic soldier that only mistakenly makes humor a la Zoe Saldana? Because you can’t be both and the mashup of the two leads to a character that is neither charming nor relatable. Unlike Samuel L. Jackson who somehow always ends up being both. The best part of the movie is seeing him be a young Nick fury. Very good de-aging technology. Unfortunately, it couldn’t do anything for the film. Also, Annette Benning was great. And Ben Mendelson. Pretty much everyone but Larson.

I guess I expected more. More fun, more drama, more expertise from a series this deep into its final story. But what we have is a tonally off movie that looked like it was going to try something new, and ended up just doing the same thing with more 90s references.

1.5 out of 4 stars.



ALSO, This movie commits the sins of Solo by telling us so many things we didn’t need the origin of. Fury’s missing eye. The name the Avengers. Marvel’s suit colors. AND THE FUCKING TESSERACT IS THE PLOT MACGUFFIN AGAIN.

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