Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 4

One of the most unique comedies ever made has come to an end. A premature ending for me, based on the sheer amount of jokes this show is able to pump out. But unfortunately, if this season was an indication of where the show was headed, I guess it’s a good thing it ended.

I still love this show and the unique and varied characters that populate it. Ellie Kemper is still a bastion of light and joy. Tituss is just Tituss and there’s nothing better. But Season 4 seemed to flounder around without a clear direction of where to go. First off, Netflix decided to split the show into two halves. Now that’s just wrong. Let me binge a whole season or call it a new season don’t give me that kind of crap. But Season 4 has some of the more boring storylines and contains the single worst episode of the entire show’s run.

The whole Giztoob job and characters sounds good on paper, but in practice Kimmy’s time at a millennial company is just so boring it’s clear the showrunners try to do whatever they can to get us out of that space. Tituss has nothing to do except pine after Mikey who was a great love interest but really should have been dropped sooner. Only Jaqueline’s storyline of becoming an agent has any sort of big guffaws, especially when Zachary Quinto shows up as a rival agent near the end.

The worst episode is one of those sitcom tropes that is completely out of place in a show as unique as Kimmy. They have an entire hour long episode dedicated to What If? And show what their lives would have been like say without the bunker experience. As an audience member, I don’t care because I know none of it matters. Anything that happens didn’t happen in the canon of the show so it’s pointless. And annoying. It’s like a clip show.

I still laughed out loud. And I still laughed often. And I will always recommend this show to anyone looking for a quirky comedy. But I am sad it had to end on its poorest note.

Boobs in California forever.

3 out of 4 stars.