Crazy Rich Asians

Finally! The hit romantic comedy of 2018 landed in my lap and I can join the rest of the world.

And I’ll disagree with them and say that Crazy Rich Asians is just fine.

To be fair, romantic comedies aren’t exactly my milieu. Crazy Rich Asians follows a familiar path. Girlfriend/boyfriend visits girlfriend/boyfriends family for the first time. Family does not approve. Hijinks ensue. Although, there’s much less in the way of hijinks in this film. The big twist is that Rachel (Constance Wu) finds out that her boyfriend is from one of the richest families in Singapore. And didn’t tell her at all. How did she not figure it out beforehand? We’ll never know.

People praise Crazy Rich Asians for its diversity. And rightly so. There is nary a white person in this movie. And I praise it for that. But not much else. Crazy Rich Asians is carried by a unique setting, the comedic stylings of Awkwafina, and not much else. I never found it very funny, nor very emotional. Although Constance Wu does her best to tug my heartstrings. Her beau is so dull and handsome I couldn’t even be bothered to look up his name.

A large shrug of the shoulders from me. But of course a round of applause for Michelle Yeoh because she is always awesome.

2 out of 4 stars.

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