It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 12

It’s honestly amazing how this show continues to function. Long past it’s expiration date, Always Sunny is like a moldy cheese. Is it better than it was before? Is the mold purposeful? Who the hell decided to find out first if moldy cheese tasted good?

If you’ve never watched the show, Always Sunny is the viewing equivalent of a horrifying train crash. You just can’t look away from all the awful things happening. Each character is absolutely reprehensible in their own ways, but we love to watch them regardless.

Season 12 starts off pretty badly to be honest. A musical-ish episode where the gang turns black for a day due to some magic. It’s boring, cringy, and not funny. I was worried the whole season would be this stale. It picked right back up at episode three and hit a groove so good you’d think it was season 4.

By far, one of the best episodes of the entire show is in this season: Hero or Hate Crime? Where the gang spends almost the entire episode inside an arbitrator’s office trying to figure out who rightfully owns a scratch off lottery ticket. It’s also the one where Mac finally admits he’s gay, in order to claim the lottery ticket.

That episode plus a Making a Murderer style episode about Dennis killing his ex-wife alone would make this season noteworthy, but aside from the first two, there’s a lot of strong comedy here.

Always Sunny continues to subvert and exploit sitcom tropes for it’s own twisted ends. How it can remain this strong after twelve seasons is a testament to its cast and messed up showrunners.

3 out of 4 stars.

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