Community: Season 3

I went back and forth on rating this season several times. Thankfully for the show, a better rating won out.

The problems are mounting on Community. Abed’s mental faculties now feel firmly on the exploitative side. Chang becomes a decent villain again, but in such an over the top way that the show has a difficult time pulling back from that. They still have trouble figuring out what to do with Chevy Chase as Pierce. And there’s some horribly boring episodes, like the Ken Burns style episode on the great pillow blanket fort war. Interesting idea, boring execution.

But there are so many great episodes that can’t be denied. Remedial Chaos Theory (the one with the multiple timelines) was so good in one a freaking hugo award. The episode about glee club was just as funny the second time around. And even more John Goodman as the dean of the AC repair school. Great, memorable stuff.

So for now, the rating remains the same as Season 2. Clever, creative, and sharp as a tack, but with too many flaws to ignore.

3 out of 4 stars.

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