The Slow Regard of Silent Things

This is a novella solely, and I do mean solely, for fans of Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles. And even then it’s a bit of a stretch.

Slow Regard is a novella about one of the more interesting characters in this world, Auri. The furtive girl who lives below the school that Kvothe attends. We always knew she was odd, but just how odd is finally revealed.

Did you want to know just how odd? Here’s the book for you. Auri’s world is small and compact and every little thing has feelings as she tries to feng shui her environment to a T. What readers get is a tidy little novel about a beloved character. What they don’t get are answers. Like why is she under there? What happened to her mind? She clearly was a student, when was she a student? How old is she?

These are unimportant questions to Auri and so, are unimportant questions for the book. We do learn one thing. Well, two things. First, I learned how to make soap that sounds so good I want to eat it, damn this dude knows how to write. Second, we learned something very important, Auri knows the names of things. It would appear she knows every name there can be to know. That is huge and HAS to make an appearance in the main series of books. But you probably don’t need to read this one to find that out, you’ll just be ahead of the game.

Super quirky but still enjoyable. Don’t pick it up without at least readingĀ The Name of the Wind.

2.5 out of 4 stars.

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