Mission Impossible: Fallout

I’m saying it right here and I’m saying it loud: Mission Impossible is the best series of spy movies ever. Better than Bond, better than Bourne – Tom Cruise is king.

Fallout is one of the few MI movies that is better when watched back to back with it’s predecessor. Rogue Nation was the incredibly good fifth entry into the franchise and the plot of the sixth is a continuation of it. I recommend watching it before seeing Fallout.

Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is still chasing down the members of the Syndicate: a group of former agents and spies disillusioned by their government masters. Their leader is in jail, having been arrested in the previous film, bouncing from country to country being interrogated by every government that can get their hands on him. But their new leader, an unknown agent named John Lark, has taken over duties which include stealing three plutonium cores that can be made into nuclear bombs.

Of course, this isn’t a MI movie if Ethan’s own government doesn’t believe him and distrusts him enough to send a CIA assassin (Henry Cavill) along to watch over things.

From the beginning Fallout ups the ante. Seriously, how does every movie top the stunts from the previous movies? This one is extra crazy. There’s the skydiving sequence. The helicopter sequence, the drive through Paris, the fight in the bathroom, THE FREAKING HELICOPTER SEQUENCE. How the fuck is there any time for exposition when you’re constantly shooting and beating people up?

Thankfully, MI has boiled down the talking to quips, funny reactions, and forced exposition. But they have great actors doing it so you really only realize it afterwards that a lot of what they said was kind of ridiculous. Who cares? This movie is GORGEOUS. Not only are the stunts amazeballscrazy, the shots are fantastic. Beautiful vistas, long takes, little use of shaky cam. McQuarrie has established himself as the best MI director in a series packed with talented directors.

I feel like the only real detraction (aside from clunky expo) is Henry Cavill. His stilted acting has ruined Superman and plenty of other stuff. Oh he can act in high emotion scenes, but basic stuff seems beyond him. He’s a beautiful face, and his hugeness in comparison to Tom Cruise is a great contrast for their very different characters, but his inability to act kills great scenes.

Fun, stunning, amazing, Fallout is the best in a series of greats. Even if it all the plots can be boiled down to the Batman effect (one man who believes he is right can do anything) Mission Impossible is the best in blockbuster action. It shows us what movies are capable of.

3.5 out of 4 stars.

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