There’s something to be said for a decent cover. For some reason this one just caught my eye. Perhaps because it’s the middle of the summer, perhaps it’s because I saw my own name there right in front of me.

Snowblind is best read in winter, during a howling blizzard. In the city of Coventry, somewhere in New England, a snowstorm struck the town. 18 people died or disappeared. From an outsiders perspective, this was a horrible tragedy. Marked by the townspeople’s recurring fears every winter: jitters, paranoia – understandable after the tragedy. But below the surface, the individual stories of those who survived the night speak of something much more sinister. Something….evil.

Now, twelve years later, the survivors have moved on. But another massive snowstorm is blowing in. Bringing with it those that were lost, and the ones who took them.

It’s a brief little horror novel. One that absolutely captured my attention. I’m not really sure how to be honest. One minute I was minding my own business, the next I had finished a book. This is good, clean pulp. Multiple character perspectives in this one. The plot is straight forward, if there are little in the way of answers. You may feel like it’s building up to something bigger in the end, but really amounts to a small climax. And possibly you screaming at the characters to get the hell out of any country where it snows, you idiots.

I feel like this shouldn’t be that great of a book. But I certainly enjoyed it and will probably put it on the donation shelf tomorrow.

2.5 out of 4 stars.

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