Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 5

In all the hubbub about the cancellation/renewal of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I think season 5 got overlooked in a mad rush to talk about the series as a whole. One of the most diverse comedies on TV, astoundingly funny, and on network TV no less – all true facts overshadowing one of the most heartfelt seasons in the show’s history.

Season 5, especially on network comedies, is rarely a season of growth. It’s filler time for most shows. Get the episode count up to 100, syndicate the bastard, and let the royalties pour in. That’s why Brooklyn was cancelled. It had falling ratings for a network comedy, but was so close to the cash cow position that Fox kept it going.

But the showrunners for season 5 didn’t let that fact keep them from dialing up the emotion and character growth. First, there’s the long culmination of Jake and Amy’s relationship: the wedding. Captain Holt deals with his dreams of becoming Captain of the NYPD. And Rosa, oh Rosa. Originally relegated to tough girl, one time solely romantic interest to Boyle, Rosa finally gets some amazing, and heartbreaking character development. She comes out as bisexual. I think it was well-handled, realistic, and not the completely happy ending you’d hope for.

All in all, bold choices, still astoundingly funny, and characters with real depth. It’s hard to say that Andy Samberg is even the star anymore, because he is so often overshadowed by this amazing cast of characters. Nine-nine!

3.5 out of 4 stars.

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