Ant-Man and the Wasp

While it may not be as popular, both Ant-Man movies sit in the Guardians of the Galaxy shelf of the MCU. Not quite as world changing or plot building, but just a bundle of fun.

Following his (quite unjustifiable) actions in Civil War, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) has been under house arrest. He’s had zero contact with Hank or Hope, understandably, since he stole his suit to help Cap. But when he has a strange dream about Hope’s mother (Michelle Pfeiffer) stuck in the quantum realm, they come rushing back into his life right as he’s about to become a free man.

It’s a movie about doing the right thing. What is both options are the right thing? One is right by his daughter, one is right by his friends. Since it’s a Marvel movie, he accomplishes both, duh, but it’s a nice sentiment.

The humor from the first film is still here in spades. Paul Rudd is so goofily charming, you’d think he could land any joke, perhaps even make a Transformers movie enjoyable. Extra laughs are brought on by the always amazing Michael Peña. He gets another amazing scene where he tells a story really fast, but the script writers went out of their way to justify it happening again. Randall Park shows up as the not-so-good-at-his-job FBI agent. It’s a lot of laughs is what I’m getting at. You could see it just for it’s comedy.

But it’s also a decent action film. Fun car chases, shrinking and growing fight scenes. It’s a tad chaotic at times, but what Marvel movie isn’t? Despite being the straight man of the film, Evangeline Lilly is great as the Wasp and Marvel’s first titled female superhero. (took long enough, Feige). My brother pointed out that this is one of the few solo films where the superpowered villain (a phase-shifting assassin named ghost) isn’t just the heroes in a different suit. i.e. Iron Man fighting an Iron Man like-villain. She has a unique power set that they have to overcome with their unique powers.

It’s a nice little diversion from the seriousness of Infinity War. But lest you forget that this is a part of the MCU, the post credits scene will remind you real quick. Not bad, not the greatest, Ant-Man and the Wasp is still a fun time.

3 out of 4 stars.

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