Incredibles 2

There’s been a lot of whining about the 14 year wait between movies. I say, see movies without the expectation that there are going to be more. Unless they specifically tell you it’s a trilogy.

Old man ranting aside, Incredibles 2 is the completely enjoyable, totally fine follow up to one of Pixar’s classics. I can take a sentence here to say that the animation is amazing as usual and leave it at that.

The first Incredibles had a plot that blew my mind. I loved the late game twist. Possibly because I was younger and didn’t know the rules of storytelling, but I maintain it was quite shocking and wonderful to behold.

Incredibles 2 is about as complicated as a saturday morning cartoon.

To start, it’s the exact same plot. Just gender swapped. Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) gets recruited by an eccentric billionaire to make supers great again while Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is left at home to take care of the kids. Since the films have always had a fifties vibe, this is a real fish out of water experience for him (taking care of his own children). Of course, there’s a villain that’s a cover for the real villain, a twist that will take you all of three seconds to figure out.

I do give props to the film for picking up right where Incredibles left off. I fully expected them to move a couple of years into the future. The voice work is wonderful. The set pieces and fights are epic and varied. And Jack Jack is hilarious. It’s a whole bunch of fun. (As long as you ignore the fact that they let the underminer get away).

Nothing crazy, nothing groundbreaking, but a worthy adventurous follow up. There’s a lot of possible themes here, but each is ditched for a more straight forward family friendly action flick. Pass the popcorn.

3 out of 4 stars.

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