As a lover of anything high concept, Tag immediately appealed to me. Throw in some Hannibal Buress in something larger than just a bit role and I’ll see your movie.

Tag is loosely based on real adult men who have been playing a game of tag for many years. A fun montage of scenes at the end shows the real life inspirations for the film. But of course, Tag needed a bigger plot. The gang discovers that Jerry (Renner) is getting married this year during their month long game of tag, and he didn’t invite them. Clearly not wanting to ruin his wedding day. Jerry has never been tagged before. The opportunity is too good to pass up for Hoagie (Ed Helms) the de facto leader. He gathers the rest of the crew and they fly to Washington to take Jerry down.

Tag succeeded in hiring the right actors. Hannibal is hilarious. Jake Johnson is perfect as a stoner bro. I always love Jon Hamm in roles that appear to be directly making fun of Jon Hamm. And Renner as the never-been-tagged king of fitness fits perfectly into his comedic chops.

The best parts of Tag are the chase scenes. Especially when Renner gets involved. Because just like the Downey Jr. Sherlock movies, time slows down for Renner and he narrates a breakdown of what’s happening and his upcoming movies. Funniest parts of the movies right there.

I could have used maybe one more chase sequence and a little less running time for this film to get a better rating, because it has some bad stuff in it.

First, the female characters are mostly props if they can be called anything. There’s little to no point for Isla Fisher and Rashida Jones to be in the movie. The reporter makes sense and so does Jerry’s wife, but perhaps they would actually have fun times if they weren’t jostling for the 10 minutes allotted screentime for women. If their roles are at best insultingly shallow, why even have them in the movie? Focus on the friends, that’s all the audience cares about. That or be better at screenwriting.

Then, there’s the emotional twist at the end. But it falls pretty flat. And then the movie just kind of ends. There’s little payoff for the viewer.

Other than that, I had fun. Probably won’t ever see it again but it was okay when I did.

2 out of 4 stars.

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