The Wise Man’s Fear

I honestly thought he wouldn’t be able to do it again. But Patrick Rothfuss’ follow up book in the Kingkiller Chronicles is just as amazing, heart rending, and well made as the first. If you haven’t picked up the first novel The Name of the Wind stop reading this and go buy it right now. I’m serious.

Again, Kvothe tells the story of his life to the Chronicler. Somehow, he talks about an even smaller time period than the first book, but rest assured it is filled with interesting happenings. The familiar university remains a large portion of the book as Kvothe tries to master pretty much everything he can get his hands on. But thankfully, we get a significant change of scenery for much of the book. Kvothe travels far and wide, becoming friend to a king, hunting bandits in the woods, and training with the Ademre mercenaries in their strange land. Also, he has a second run-in with the Fae people. A sexy, sexy run-in.

These books are so good they make me angry. Rothfuss writes with an effortless zeal. Penning a character equal parts hero and victim. Triumphant in his victories, frustrating in his defeats. Kvothe, besides the “magic”, feels very real. He experiences life like a determined version of you or I. The world he lives in is still extremely interesting, and the switch to some new lands (and customs) was a welcome change. My only complaint is that the next novel isn’t out yet and I couldn’t immediately pick it up. I am worried that the final book will not have enough to satiate my desire for knowledge about Kvothe’s world. Rothfuss blithely skips over a significant event in Kvothe’s life. Hilarious, yes, but god I wanted to read it because I know Rothfuss would have written it so well.

Fantasy at its best.

4 out of 4 stars.

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