I’m not crying, you’re crying.

To be fair, I was one wine bottle deep when I watched this movie. But Pixar has continued its tradition of turning me into a big baby.

Coco is the lovely story of a boy who just wants to play music. But, of course, something gets in the way of that, namely his great grandfather running out on his great grandmother to pursue a career in music. She banned music from the family forever.

Determined to follow his dream, young Miguel sneaks into Victor De La Cruz’s mausoleum (think a Mexican Elvis) to steal his prized guitar. But he does this on the most hallowed of nights, the Day of the Dead. Suddenly, Miguel is no longer in the land of the living, but where the recently deceased live as long as their relatives remember them. He must get his family’s blessing if he is to rejoin the living.

Like a lot of Pixar movies, the overarching theme is family, and they say it enough to qualify this as a Fast and the Furious movie. Here’s the thing, it’s a great movie. With awesome visuals, catchy music, a good cast, and decent laughs. Is it Pixar’s best? No way. People will probably forget about it BECAUSE so many other Pixar movies are so good. But for a Netflix offering, this is a fun, feel good diversion.

3 out of 4 stars.

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