Archer: Dreamland

Technically this is season 8 of Archer, but I refuse to write it out like that. Following what should be death after season 7, the creators of the hit spy show decided that they had an opportunity to put their characters into new settings but without all the previous baggage. Despite doing this the last two seasons with the aforementioned baggage.

Dreamland takes place in post WWII Los Angeles. Archer is now a private eye, because so was every former white soldier back then. As you can guess, he gets mixed up with some mob bosses, love interests, fake deaths, and more Chinatown shit than you can handle.

To put it bluntly. It’s not great.

Meant as a tribute to George Coe, the beloved character Woodhouse on the show who passed away, Dreamland comes across as both creatively lacking and without love. I love all the voice actors, I loved this show since it first came out as a quasi-Arrested Development James Bond hybrid. But it is definitely jumping the shark.

The humor is mostly them hitting the same notes over and over. An eight episode season shouldn’t feel stuffed. This does. Old fans might find enough to love, but if you were hoping to find any new fans, I think the ship has sailed. I’m just going to go ahead and rewatch Double Indecency from Season 7 over and over again to make it better.

1.5 out of 4 stars.

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