Ingrid Goes West

This film is some Black Mirror shit. The perfect mirror reflection for our glam obsessed lifestyle, and I guarantee it won’t be seen by anyone who needs to see it.

Starring Aubrey Plaza as the titular Ingrid, West is the story of a girl without a story. Her entire life has clearly revolved around someone else’s. First, her recently deceased mom. Second, her childhood friend. And third, Instagram star Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen). Flush with cash, and spurned by her childhood friend, Ingrid travels to LA to try and become besties with Taylor, the woman she wants to be. She does this surprisingly easily, and it comes apart just as easy.

The casting of Aubrey Plaza as an unhinged sociopath is just amazing. And this is her best work. I’ve loved her since Parks & Rec where she was honestly just okay. But here she shows off some real acting chops.

Ingrid Goes West is a real skewering of Instagram and the fake celebrity it offers. The yuppies it makes rich, and the yuppies who pine away wishing to become those rich yuppies. It’s not a new story, that rich young people lead ridiculous lives. But it is our millennial telling of it: it doesn’t exist without social media and a little bit of obsessiveness.

I can’t say the movie is great. It can get slow. It’s clearly a satire that isn’t super funny, although the more I think about the ending the more I like it, and the sadder I get. But there’s some solid Batman jokes, Plaza is amazing, and who doesn’t love a good bashing of LA culture? Just don’t expect a solution or anything that requires deep thought.

2.5 out of 4 stars.

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