Silicon Valley: Season 5

The story of this season was: would they be able to get on without T.J. Miller’s Erlich Bachman? The answer is just fine, thank you very much.

Finally, after demonstrating his new tech’s ability in the previous season, Richard is pivoting Pied Piper into a new company building a new internet. But, like every other season, there’s going to be some snags.

Of course, Richard will get in his own way several times, as will all main cast members. Fan favorite Jian-Yang attempts to start a new-new internet in China. Gavin Belson, having ditched Erlich in Tibet, is back at Hooli causing his usual trouble. Hilarity ensues, corporate culture is skewered like a fat pig, and success is often a combination of skill and dumb, dumb luck.

What I’ve always admired about Silicon Valley is it’s approach to comedic storytelling. The show operates on, and always has, a one step forward, two steps back principle. Everything good has to be countered by something bad. Easy solutions are hard to come by. And the consequences of bad events usually play out over an entire season. A ripple effect that allows us to see how the characters grow or, more often, pivot. This makes each season a fresh encounter that never feels forced.

Sadly, this season is only eight episodes instead of the usual ten. Either they are winding down or Erlich’s comedic story potential should have made up the deficit. Still, it’s a wonderful season of a wonderful show. Try not to pee your pants laughing when Jared threatens to kill someone.

3.5 out of 4 stars.

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