Master of None: Season 2

This is a difficult review for me, because God’s honest truth: I liked season one of Master of None. I thought it was subversive, surprisingly funny/insightful, and it had a goal of mining humor out of some real mundane material. But it was material that millions of Americans, and especially multicultural Americans, can relate to. There’s not enough of that on TV.

But the flaw that kept me from really enjoying it has carried over into season two.

The acting.

The acting is god-awful. All around too, not just Aziz (who is pretty poor) but from every single character. Reactions are fake, dialogue comes out stilted, scenes are awkward when they shouldn’t be. I do not care that he put his own parents into the show. Wow, so cute. They suck at acting. Don’t put them on TV for extended periods.

I loved Parks & Rec. And I loved Aziz on it (although with recent stories his behavior on the show is kind of awkward). But clearly his performances are heavily edited for maximum comedy. Master of None is one of those artsy shows that loves long shots and beautiful styling. That’s great, power to you. Doesn’t work if you CAN’T ACT.

Unfortunately, once you see it. You can’t unsee it. And that’s my conundrum. I made it to episode three before I shut it off. I don’t have time to watch sub-par material. And neither do you.

0 out of 4 stars.

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