Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 is the most comic book movie, ever. None other so perfectly captures the experience honestly. Deadpool is the comic, the artists making the comic, and you reading the comic all at the same time. Laugh, cry, it doesn’t matter. It’s all ridiculous. That’s why it’s okay that you felt something.

The merc with a mouth is back. And this time he’s ready to drop the biggest F-word of all: family. What more perfect way to demonstrate this new found responsibility then by saving a young, foul-mouthed New Zealand pre-teen from a time-traveling cyborg?

As Deadpool would say, well, that’s just lazy writing.

2 is the movie they would have made if they had the budget. So in many ways, we are re-treading similar territory. The callbacks, the fourth wall breaks, the crassness, we’ve witnessed this before. BUT, now the budget is threw the roof. More car chases, more CGI, more gunplay, and more gore. And more A-list talent to throw around.

Looking back, there’s a TON of stuff that happens in this movie. Unconstrained by normal storytelling Deadpool 2 packs it deep. He joins the X-men, goes to prison, starts his own X-men team, has a huge moving vehicle showdown, and much more. Action fans will not be disappointed. Humor fans will not be disappointed. Dick and ball joke fans will hardly be able to hide their erections.

Ryan Reynolds is still the best choice to play Deadpool. Josh Brolin is appropriately not in on the joke as his character should be. Newcomer Zazie Beets plays a wonderful Domino. New cast members shine and returning cast gets to remind you why they got the job. Also, the Negasonics new relationship is adorable.

It’s the same roller coaster, dressed up with some fancy new widgets. But it’s the kind of roller coaster you never get sick of. Don’t come for the plot. But come regardless.

3.5 out of 4 stars.

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