Better Call Saul: Season 3

When you own multiple streaming services, it is super frustrating when none of them carry one of your favorite shows. So this review is a bit dated but they finally dropped season 3 onto Netflix.

After the major bombshell last season that was Chuck secretly recording Jimmy, I was prepared for the absolute downfall that leads to Saul Goodman.

I was wrong.

I mean, it is a bombshell moment. The subsequent trial, which only took place because Jimmy broke into the house to destroy the tape, is full of the usual machinations of the show. I.E. some super clever scheme of Jimmy’s to win in the end. Or not win because he still loses his law license for a year. Better Call Saul, like it’s predecessor, still clings to the motif that bad things early in the season still effect the rest of the season. Mistakes come back to haunt you.

Meanwhile, Mike, the emotional star of the previous season (seriously, it was amazing) meets the man who has been tracking him: Gustavo Fring. Now, we just need to find out how Jimmy gets involved as well. The other minor star of the show, Nacho, finally puts his plan of killing his boss, Hector Salamanca, into action.

Slow burn is kind of what I’m getting at. I swear, the scripts for this show are thirty pages long with inserts that say, put clever shot angle here. Because the cinematography is still the best in the biz.

The final “plotline” the one that makes me the most sad, is that of Kim Wexeler. Jimmy’s best friend/significant other. She doesn’t appear in Breaking Bad so you just know that something horrible is going to happen between her and Jimmy. She’s so likable that I’m really not looking forward to that episode.

This season slowed down. While it is still impeccably acted and designed, this felt like a filler season. Although it ends on a note that will flavor the next season completely, Season 3 is just me screaming “let’s get to the good stuff.” The slow burn might be worth it in the end, but I still want it sooner.

But as always, Bob Odenkirk is in his most perfect role. Better Call Saul is an amazing follow up to the best show ever made. It treats the audience like you are intelligent. And you should definitely watch it.

3 out of 4 stars.

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