Mr. Right

If you’re like me, this film completely slipped under the radar. And it would’ve stayed there if not for a birthday present.

Nowadays, a movie starring Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell would be a big deal. Mr. Right is like a more jokey version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Rockwell is a hitman of crazy good talent, who decided a little bit ago that he would kill those who hired him to kill people. Because killing people is bad. But when he runs into Anna Kendrick, fresh off a breakup, he falls head over heels. Blinded by his charm and boyishness, Kendrick falls hard as well. Until she finds out the truth of course.

To buy into this movie you have to accept two things. One, that Rockwell’s character has some connection to the force (it’s weird.) And two, that Kendrick is actually crazy. She doesn’t seem crazy because there’s a clown nose wearing hitman killing people, but if you look at the clues, they are there. Without this, you won’t like this movie. Embrace the silliness, and you will.

Because hearing this set of lines:

“Are you mad? You’re mad aren’t you? Is it because I killed that guy? It IS because I killed that guy!”

Is hilarious.

Watch it for the chemistry alone. A fun little diversion from the super serious. And honestly, I’d pay for a sequel of them being hit(wo)men.

2.5 out of 4 stars.

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