“Why is sex so bad?!”

“I don’t know, I just don’t know.”

So goes one of the more truthful moments in Blockers, the new ‘sex’ comedy somehow not starring Seth Rogen or the words National Lampoon. Blockers could possibly be billed as the female Superbad. But that would be doing it a disservice, because this movie has something to say. And you’re going to laugh the whole way.

Julie, Kayla, and Anjelica, have been best friends since kindergarten. Ergo, their parents have to at least be friendly. Fast forward, with high school prom on the horizon, the girls decide to fulfill the ultimate cliche: get laid on prom night. Their parents catch wind of #sexpact2018. Lisa (Leslie Mann) and Mitchell (John Cena) are very much against this pact, as their daughters are “too young” to make this kind of decision. Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) wants his daughters prom night to be amazing. He tags along to stop them from ruining prom.

From beginning to end, Blockers explodes with sharp, witty writing. Jokes come fast and they come witty. When they aren’t witty, they’re delivered by actors who know what they are doing. Props to John Cena for growing so much as an actor. Barinholtz is a comic timing hero and Leslie Mann slays it. The young actresses too, although not the main focus and when not delivering lame platitudes about friendship, also land some hilarious jokes.

Coupled with fun set pieces, Blockers works on it’s own as a solid, female focused comedy with nary a big name actor in sight. But Blockers is about something. It’s about how we treat sex, especially when relative to young women. The boys from Superbad just wanted to get laid, why can’t the girls? That’s the question each parent has to ask and answer by the end of the movie. The movie runs the gamut about what parent-child relationships should look like. The ultimate answer is: you should hope you gave them enough knowledge for them to make healthy decisions.

Although when Mitchell’s daughter yells at him, “You think I’m too young to make decisions like this!” I wanted to scream, yes, because you’re under 18 and at a hotel room after prom party with alcohol, drugs, and zero adults.

Blockers falls into the trap that all high school comedies do. Who is throwing these awesome parties for high schoolers? They have an after party at a lake house and another party that appears to have rented out an entire floor of a hotel. Did the kids pay for that? Honestly, if I was a parent, that’d be enough for me to drag my son/daughter out of the place, regardless of how much I trusted their decision making skills.

Blockers is funny. I dare you not to guffaw at John Cena butt chugging a forty. That’d be enough to give it a high rating. It’s not the best comedy out there. But it gets a boost for trying to send a message. For trying to be sex positive in a genre that’s mostly about ugly dudes trying to get laid. Would you believe that Seth Rogen produced it? Times are a changing.

3.5 out of 4 stars.

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