Warning, mild spoilers if you haven’t read the first two novels of the Silo Trilogy.

If I had let myself, I would have finished this novel in a day. Dust is the triumphant conclusion to one of the most original science fiction trilogies today. Satisfying, beautiful, redemptive, and doesn’t yield to final-novel-plot-armor tendencies, Dust is the ending I wanted.


The Mayor of Silo 18, Juliette, has one overall mission. Kill those responsible for the Silos. She doesn’t trust the man from Silo 1, Donald, who says he is trying to help. Juliette will figure out how to help herself. First by rescuing the survivors of Silo 17, and second by going outside to test the truths she believed her whole life.

In Silo 1, Donald and Charlotte try to figure out a way to give the silos a fighting chance. But time is running out. The nanobots in Donald’s system are slowly killing him, and their discovery by station security accelerates anything they plan.

Dust succeeded in making me gasp out loud. A plot twist over at Silo 1 had me reeling. It felt so natural and right. This whole trilogy feels planned right down to a T. No haphazard shoehorn of characters or plot lines – everything is connected in surprising, familiar ways.

A new character, Officer Darcy, makes his way into the novel and my heart. Author Hugh Howey, even in the third book, can introduce new characters who jump in and have an immense impact on the reader and story. I love how he weaves the themes of discovery, revenge, and acceptance through most of our characters. Using it to amplify their decisions – and whether they fail or succeed.

The only part I didn’t like, but didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the novel was the death of a very minor character. It felt completely brushed over, especially with the deaths of more major characters. There’s quite a bit of death in this novel and I never felt like anyone was safe. But most meant something, this felt pointless in a world where the smallest action has meaning.

Regardless, Dust is a great book and a fitting end to an amazing world. If you’re a sci-fi fan this is a must read series.

4 out of 4 stars.

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